Dandere2x Overview

Dandere2x is a form of compression software designed to speed up upscaling videos using algorithms such as Waifu2x. Similar to how Netflix uses compression to make streaming to your computer faster, dandere2x’s can make upscaling videos faster by applying well known compression techniques.


I generally prefer _GitHub: https://github.com/akai-katto/dandere2x/issues or _Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dandere2x/ to get in contact with me. I check my account pretty frequently. I’ve opted out of having a telegram server mostly due to not having the time-resources to maintain it.



_GitHub: https://github.com/akai-katto

For the most part, I’m the only major dandere2x contributor unfortunately. I spend my free time, when free time permits, making improvements and doing research into improving performance.